template <typename CharT>
scn::basic_scan_context class

Scanning context.

Public types

using char_type = CharT
Character type of the input.
template <typename T>
using scanner_type = scanner<T, char_type>

Public functions

void advance_to(iterator it)
Advances the beginning of the source range to it
auto arg(size_t id) const -> auto constexpr noexcept
Get argument at index id
auto begin() const -> iterator constexpr
auto end() const -> sentinel constexpr
auto range() const -> auto constexpr

Typedef documentation

template <typename CharT>
template <typename T>
using scn::basic_scan_context::scanner_type = scanner<T, char_type>

The scanner type associated with this scanning context.

Function documentation

template <typename CharT>
iterator scn::basic_scan_context::begin() const constexpr

Returns an iterator pointing to the current position in the source range.

template <typename CharT>
sentinel scn::basic_scan_context::end() const constexpr

Returns a sentinel pointing to the end of the source range.

template <typename CharT>
auto scn::basic_scan_context::range() const constexpr

Returns a subrange over [begin(), end())